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I reached Nick MacDonald Owner of Likeable Lab in a conference I was filming on the summer of 2018, impressed with his social media company and his speech I offered to run his video content strategy, luckily he was actually thinking to put in place a video strategy and start filming videos style Gary V, Grant Cardone, Kevin Rae, etc.. Why Rob? I was chosen due to my expertise in video marketing and business background as well I was finalizing my master of digital business and I was a good fit for a social media agency. The first weeks After a few week or research, I come out with an official solid video strategy what fit Nick's personality, business goals and resources. To build and put in practice this strategy I researched other business personalities video strategies, I analysed Nick’s and the team capacities in term of finding the right angle to produce video content and finally we establish the right channels for the content to be distributed. Setting up Goals The mains goals of the strategy built Nick reputation as an authority in the social media industry, elevate his social media reach and influence, as well increase awareness of the business, improve engagement in social media and First metrics During the first week of filming, we test a few different formats, we try with other members of the team. As an immediate result, we increase considerably the number of views and reach of each video bordering 2000 to 5000 per piece of content. Consistency During the following weeks for the next five months we constantly create video content for Likeable Lab, as well we included similar strategies for clients with similar results. Numbers Videos Produced 40 plus Facebook video views 89.000 New clients: 10 approx
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