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Second Unit was a live action... actually it's really hard to explain. Imagine going into a massive bar in Wellington and being surrounded by zombies and vampires. That is essentially what the Second Unit experience was like. (ok, maybe it wasn't that hard to explain) The client for this project was Tāwhiri. Tāwhiri organise things like the NZ Festival or NZ Jazz Festival, and I was super lucky to get to help with the Facebook advertising for their brand new snow Second Unit. I worked with Dave from Datastory who is an Google Data Studio and Adwords G.E.N.I.U.S. The goal was pretty simple... get people to buy tickets to a show you can't really spill too many secrets about and that has never been done before. It turned out to be an epic show. If they do it again next year, you should definitely go. Once again, we were lucky to be able to work with an amazing in-house content team that were given us amazingly high quality content to share with the world :)
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