SPCA Pet Insurance - The Good Life

SPCA Pet Insurance - The Good Life is a Copywriting, Blog writing, Research, SEO project by Sophie Herlihy

SPCA Pet Insurance - The Good Life - Sophie Herlihy


I am currently undertaking an ongoing blog writing project with SPCA Pet Insurance. The product/service is pet insurance, and what it does is provides coverage for pets in the event that they need medical attention. My role in the project was content creator, and I used various skills such as copywriting, SEO, and research.

The goal of this project is to create a series of blog posts that would help promote SPCA Pet Insurance and increase awareness of the product among consumers. Additionally, it would provide helpful, actionable, and informative content for New Zealand pet owners to maintain the SPCA's goal to help Kiwi animals and animal carers.

To achieve this, I researched the pet insurance market and wrote posts that were both informative and engaging. I also worked to optimize the posts for search engines so that they would be more likely to appear in relevant search results.

I use my background in animal care and veterinary medicine to create content that was not only interesting but also accurate and useful for pet owners. I also utilized creative writing techniques to ensure that the blog posts were engaging and entertaining.

Ultimately, the goal is to create blog posts that help SPCA Pet Insurance reach more potential customers and raise awareness of their product in New Zealand.

The end result is a series of well-written, SEO-friendly blog posts that helped to promote SPCA Pet Insurance.

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