Secret Fern

Secret Fern is a freelance Illustrations, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding project by Elise Hopkins

Secret Fern - Elise Hopkins


Secret Fern is an established small business selling handmade semi-precious Jewelry & Cork bags. They primarily sell their goods online and travel to markets all around New Zealand to build their clientele and sales.

Melanie is the owner of Secret Fern. She hired me to consult and design on the rebrand for her business. This included designing her new logo and branding materials such as a banner and business card.

In my conversations with Melanie I learned that she wanted her new branding to portray Secret Fern as boutique, artisan and high quality. Melanie also wanted to have a personal connection to her branding and bring in her Mediterranean heritage in some way.

The final logo depicts a woman wearing a fern crown. The illustration is inspired by Melanie's target customers who are often women attending markets with interests in yoga and health. The fern crown brings in the nature element of Melanie's brand. Melanie has a strong focus on sustainable practices such as sourcing fair trade materials and using earth friendly packaging. The arch shape is inspired by Mediterranean architecture and is a nod to Melanie's heritage.

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Elise did a fantastic job!
She listened and understood the essence of my brand giving it a new dimension.

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