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AMP wanted to create a chatbot to ease the load on their Customer Services Team (CST). Choosing to deploy it on a few key website pages, the chatbot needed to answer frequently asked questions about Kiwisaver. Fast forward many months and Alex the chatbot is now live. I came on board as the UX Conversationalist. This means I wrote everything that Alex says. To do this, I had to plan the content - reviewing the existing website copy, I could pick out FAQs AMP customers were likely to ask. I also worked with the CST to target the FAQs they often received, with the aim of reducing the number of queries they were dealing with. I worked with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders across multiple teams. This included product owners, marketing and legal to ensure Alex's content met all their expectations. I worked closely with the external technology provider too, learning the system and troubleshooting any issues. Doing this meant I had to lean on many of my skills, including copywriting, time management, communication and negotiation.
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