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August 19, 2019

About this project

Films & TV Series:

Lake Placid Legacy (Film)- Compositing of monster croc into scene.

Pop, Lock & Roll (Film)- Shadow removal, recreated face and chest, tracking and blending.

The Journey is the Destination (Film)- Magazine page alteration and tracking.

Madiba (TV Series)- Green screen replacement, background creation, rotoscope and colour despill correction. TV screen replacement. Two shot scene compositing.

Blood Drive (Film)- 3D camera tracking and car removal. TV screen replacement, rotoscope and colour despill correction.
My Father's War (Film)- Diver keying and rotoscope. Muzzle flashes and dust hits.


I take great pleasure in recommending Cheryl Dowse to you. She was part of the Refinery VFX and Animation team during the period December 2015 to February 2018, where I was Head of Production. We worked on a variety of projects together, from commercial, to retail, to high-end visual effects for longform television and feature films. She started as a designer and photoshop artist but very quickly learnt new skills in After Effects and Nuke compositing. She displays a very keen eye for detail and is conscientious in everything that she does. I especially appreciated her calm, logical attitude in times of pressure and her determination to see projects through to completion. She takes direction well, is an excellent team player and is very capable in client interface. She was a valued member of the team and I know that she will succeed in anything that she endeavors to do.

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