August 22, 2019

About this project

Redesign Payvision Website

When I started working for Payvision 2,5 years ago, the website was really old and we looked like a dull bank company.
We worked together with award-winning design agency Saffron to redesign our identity, from branding to tone of voice. Our design team (Lead designer, UX designer and me (product designer) worked on the entire website. We spoke with various stakeholders and clients to make the website as functional and intuitive possible.
We also added Hotjar for a/b testing and designed the with conversion rate optimization in mind. Our main goal for the webiste is to get people in contact with our sales persons. The second thing is to inform them about our products and feel related to them.
For this project we used Sketch, Invision, Zelpin and Principle to get the best results.


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