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February 7, 2020

About this project

Mood is a feedback tool that combines a web & mobile app where employees can participate in a transparent and if needed, anonymous way. In the development department in Madrid, developers struggled to speak their mind directly to HR.

We wanted to create an easy, safe and accessible app where everybody can communicate with each other without feeling socially awkward or feeling a boundary.

Employees can tell the Human Resources department how they feel, what they are struggling with and they can give kudos (compliments) to other colleagues.

I started with wireframes, test this directly with the developers, after finetuning the wireframes I started creating the UI. I wanted to look fun, accessible and trustworthy.

After finalizing the UI I put all the files on Zeplin so the developers could start develop the tool.

It's very important for me to have a good relationship with the developers, so If they have any questions regarding the design they will always ask me and we will figure it out together.


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