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NZIL Content marketing and Facebook ads is a Content Marketing, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Facebook Marketing, Copywriting, SEO project by Theresa Brady

NZIL Content marketing and Facebook ads - Theresa Brady


When principal lawyer Aaron Martin decided to start his own law firm after 19 years of consulting he needed a new brand, website, and to increase his profile. He asked Theresa to help him establish his new business.
New Zealand Immigration Law (NZIL) are expert legal advisors on all things related to immigrating to New Zealand. Founder and principal immigration lawyer Aaron Martin works with immigrants and employers – from SMEs to large multi-national corporations – to help smooth the often-complex legal processes involved in immigration.
With decades of law experience under his belt within the immigration sector, Aaron knows his stuff. He set up NZIL in 2016 with the goal of simplifying the application processes and minimising the stress and confusion involved.
As a small business owner, Aaron’s time is precious. Seeing the value in using specialists to do specialised work, Aaron put his marketing in Theresa’s hands from day one.

Turning challenges into opportunities

With the unforeseen arrival of a global pandemic in 2020, international travel – including migration – suddenly came to a halt. That posed a significant challenge for a business centred around travel. 
It’s tempting for businesses to put a hold on their marketing during such times. But the opposite is true. During a downturn, it’s more important than ever to remain front of mind and demonstrate resilience,** **and adaptability.
Theresa ensured NZIL excelled at all three by elevating Aaron’s professional profile across the digital landscape with high quality thought leadership content, opinion pieces, and ongoing public relations. 

Amplifying NZIL’S strengths

For employers who rely on immigration to fill vital roles, becoming accredited is a must. In fact, in 2021 it became compulsory]
In 2019, Theresa launched an employer accreditation campaign for NZIL. The campaign was timely, given the travel restrictions that were imposed the following year. 
With migrant movement almost non-existent for an extended period, Theresa needed to help NZIL amplify their focus on the accreditation side of the business by doing do two things: 

  • educate employers on why it is vital to take action on becoming accredited now – before the borders open again
  • strengthen NZIL’s position as the go-to accreditation experts. 
    Theresa boosted website traffic and increased leads with a strategic digital marketing plan that included SEO, AdWords, and a Facebook funnel.

    Above and beyond

    In a competitive online environment, effective marketing – growing business, increasing online influence, and ultimately increasing sales – comes down to a tailored content strategy based on an in-depth understanding of the business. That’s where Theresa shines.
    _“Theresa goes into very in-depth research about our business to understand what we do and about our industry sector. But she doesn’t stop there. She also monitors the industry within the media and looks for newsworthy opportunities we can capitalise on to provide us with a greater reach to our target market.” _
    “For anyone thinking about using Theresa’s service, I can say that she is definitely worth the investment.”
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“Theresa’s employer accreditation campaign has given us a strong presence throughout vital social channels including LinkedIn and Facebook. The uptake has been excellent with a notable increase in business. This campaign has been instrumental in allowing me to expand our corporate client base and capitalise on that side of the business – something that has been vital since the pandemic hit.”

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