Nationwide Building Society


March 22, 2019

The Challenge Nationwide Building Society launched one of the first mobile banking apps in the United Kingdom, however in 2014 it was clear it had reached the point where the existing architecture and customer experience could no longer grow to support additional functionality, so the Next Generation Banking App programme was born. The Process Acting as the spearhead for the delivery process, the UX/UI team focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience by ruthlessly challenging the status quo of existing Internet Banking processes, simplifying the user interface and utilising extensive customer research to inform and validate design decisions. The Solution We focused on matching the experience to customer’s mental models for managing their money and ensuring that common, contextual account based tasks could be completed quickly and easily. We ensured that common mobile navigation and interaction patterns were utilised to deliver an experience that was easy to adapt to. The Outcome The new digital banking app launched in July 2016 and was rated #1 in Usability & #3 Overall (against its peers) by Forrester Group.
Stefan Dyke
Stefan is a freelance Marketing Consultant from Tauranga, New Zealand.

UX Design Lead


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