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Bradley Pratt
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I was NEC New Zealand’s sole designer for just over five years and it was a life-changing experience. While part of my role at NEC revolved around the usual in-house work such as business-to-business marketing collateral, website updates, and producing a monthly staff magazine, over time this expanded to cover an enormous variety of work.

One of my first projects was creating over 20 minutes of 4K-resolution animation and motion graphics for display on the office’s 4 meter video wall, which was screened for the opening ceremony of NEC’s new Technology Innovation Centre (officially opened by New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Mr John Key) and at the Wellington Gold Awards finalists announcement, which was hosted by NEC in mid-2013.

NEC New Zealand's head office was given an exciting new interior construction in 2013, created by Custance with artwork support from MSO Design. By 2016 NEC's global branding had changed and the artwork needed a refresh, so I took the project on and worked closely with Concept Signage to bring my ideas to life. The new "Orchestrating a Brighter World" brand was being promoted by NEC Japan with an accompanying photograph of a dramatic sunset over Tokyo, so I gave it a Wellington twist and photographed the sunrise from Mt Victoria, rising over the hills of Eastbourne, to be used for signage on the lightboxes by the office entrance.

In 2015, NEC developed new sensing technologies offering real-time information about issues like traffic congestion, water quality and air pollution, bringing disparate data together across the council and agencies for more collaborative and informed decision-making on important city challenges. Land Information NZ and NEC collaborated to provide funding for a Smart City programme’s early stages in Christchurch. Auckland and Wellington also trialled the technology as it was seen as an important next step in enhancing urban environments globally. I worked with the Smart City development team to come up with branding for sensors around the city. The name “Kite” came from trying to think of creative ways to shift the perception of wireless sensors in a more whimsical, friendly direction. The branding appeared on sensors around Wellington city and I incorporated the brand design into NEC’s office signage.

My work for NEC New Zealand also lead to collaborations with NEC branches in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, including marketing materials, banners and posters for Formula 1 racing events in 2015 and 2016, and promoting the celebration of NEC Philippines’ 20th Anniversary.

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