Nationwide Building Society


March 22, 2019

The Challenge Nationwide Building Society had decided to migrate their existing websites to a new technical platform due to their CMS reaching end of life status. As such they decided to undergo a full website redesign in order to meet the evolving needs of their existing customers as well as attract new business to their brand. The Process We worked closely with an internal project team to define core business and user requirements and establish design principles that would underpin the overall redesign. Adopting a responsive design approach from the start and being mindful of touch device proliferation ensured a future proofed design approach. The Solution We restructured the site to map more closely to the customer lifecycle and deliver content to visitors earlier in their product research and purchase journeys. Adopting a component based design approach provided Nationwide with a toolkit by which to migrate their existing content into the structure for launch. The Outcome The new website launched in March 2014, leading to an increased 98.6% customer satisfaction score.
Stefan Dyke
Stefan is a freelance Marketing Consultant from Tauranga, New Zealand.

UX Design Lead


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