Mike and Mandy Facebook Campaign


Mike and Mandy is a marketing campaign I worked on for the One Percent Collective. The One Percent Collective is an awesome charity from Wellington, New Zealand that makes it super easy for Kiwis to donate some of their income (1% of their income) and then takes that donation and distributes it across a selection of handpicked charities doing awesome things in our community.

Pat, the founder of One Percent got in touch with me to help him distribute a video that had been created for OPC to create awareness for the brand and the upcoming Generosity Journal. Given that Pat is allround awesome human, it was a no brainer for me to get on board and help out where I can. My main area of responsibility was distributing the content through Facebook. Given that Facebook is very biased to distributing video content, I was super excited to see what results we would see.

The entire process of setting up the ads and managing them throughout the campaign lastest roughly 2 weeks, and I had a blast. We got some new donors, got thousands of people watching a hilarious video and did all for a good cause at the same time.