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The project was to develop a new website for the JAE Group. The goal of developing this site was to help grow the local area marketing for the 35 branches throughout New Zealand, as well as promote the JAE brand nationally. The website was designed using Webflow which allowed for flexibility in design for various devices as well as a focus on Search Engine Optimization. Using the Webflow CMS we were able to create branch pages for each location that can be quickly updated and edited. There were also several custom components to this project that are helping bring in more qualified leads. The location page of the website allows a user to enter in their address and find which branch to contact. This has proven beneficial since JAE branches do not use typical boundaries and often customers did not know who to contact. We also introduced a book online page, which allows a customer to enter in details about the services they are interested in, a time and date they would like it performed and any other details. This then gets forwarded on to the branch. We used an automation tool, Integromat, to automate the interactions between the customers and the form submissions. Each branch receives the notification when a customer fills out a form, and the customer receives an email informing them of the next steps. In designing the site there was a focus of bringing in more leads. This focus was considered as designing each section of the website. With regular call to actions and easy to find information we were able to increase the amount of leads brought in by 20%.
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