GE Health Ahead Illustrations

GE Health Ahead Illustrations is a project by IngerOpie

Published on
August 25, 2023

Health Ahead 2018

Every year GE (General Electric) runs an internal global campaign, ‘Health Ahead’, encouraging its employees to assess their lifestyle and make changes for the better: quit smoking, form healthier eating habits, and exercise regularly. Each year the campaign is governed by a theme: Health Ahead 2018’s theme was mindfulness, titled ‘Sense Ahead’. To convey this theme an illustrative style was crafted.

I was tasked with expanding on this established world, creating an additional suite of characters that cover a cross section of GE employee personas within their global workforce. The characters are used to tell a story forming monthly content which provides ‘Healthy Hints’, ‘Mindful Moments’, articles, and fun quizzes for their employees in a playful engaging manner.

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