The Enormous Crocodile


March 8, 2019

About this project

The Enormous Crocodile Company is Wellington famous for the Crocbikes that people take up and down the Waterfront everyday. Aston, owner and manager of ECC, got in touch with me a few months ago to discuss working on a digital marketing campaign that will bring more awareness to the Crocbikes and Shakes.

Facebook Lead Generation campaigns are my favourite type of projects to work as it allows you to be both very creative but also very technical in the execution of the plans. Our goal was to create to a mailing list of locals who we could inform about the new Shake of the month. The result of our brainstorming session was to involve the community by running a "Design A Shake" competition.

We asked the community to share three ingredients that had to be in the upcoming "Easter Shake". We launched the campaign on Thursday, March 6.

What were my key deliverables?

  1. Strategy Session - Discuss ideas on what kind of campaigns to run.
  2. Landing Page Design - Use Webflow to design the landing page that was going to be used to drive traffic to
  3. Facebook Ad Setup - This was the first campaign that ECC ran which is why we the ad account needed to be set up for the best performance
  4. Audience Research - Define the target audience
  5. Facebook Campaign Structuring - Set up Facebook ads to build awareness , drive traffic and convert
  6. Automation - Automate the signup workflows by connecting Webflow Form Submission to Airtable using Zapier.
  7. Campaign Management - Keep an eye on performance results and make adjustments where necessary

Why Facebook Lead Generation is so effective?

Using Facebook as a way to drive targeted traffic to your website is an incredibly effective way to grow your customer base FAST. Facebook allows businesses to target people very specifically through interest targeting, but most importantly allows you also to use custom audiences to reengage web visitors that did not take action on their visit.

These types of campaigns are super effective for any local service business.


If you run a local service business and want to have a chat about setting up some campaigns of your own, get in touch with me through the form down below and I will get in touch with you asap.


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