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June 17, 2019

About this project
Ngai Tahu Pounamu is an iwi-led initiative that authenticates genuine New Zealand greenstone products via a web-based coding system. Each item sold under the NTP brand comes with a unique code that, when entered online, identifies the origin and whakapapa of the piece. NTP is premium, luxury brand and needed a look and feel that conveys this, while at the same time retaining an authentic, genuine persona that separates them from overseas competition. I've worked with NTP since 2010, aiding the evolution of their brand and creating everything from the logo design, to packaging, catalogues, website design, photography art direction, retail space design, and stationery & communications.

Erin is a talented creative who cuts through the traditional flash and façade offered by other agencies and replaces it with hardnosed, edgy creative solutions for her customers. Her no nonsense, one stop agency approach, coupled with her creative abilities and network make her a preferred supplier of all creative solutions for the work I am involved in. It is refreshing to work with a creative agency whose attention to detail, customer management and delivery is consistently excellent no matter the size nor the nature of the work. Erin also has an innate ability to know when to lead creative thinking and when be led by the customer to achieve their desired outcome. Seamless delivery guaranteed! - Jymal Morgan (former project leader of NTP)

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