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Canyon Creek Engineering is a civil, structural, and planning company located outside of Denver, Colorado. The Brief: Phil from Canyon Creek Engineering came to me wanting fresh, new business cards for the company. He already had an idea of what he wanted: a creek running through a canyon. Step 1: My first step was to recreate exactly what he had given me in illustrator. This gave him a better idea of what he wanted. This step was intended to create conversation and get a solid foundation in place. Step 2: Next was to add more detail. I took inspiration from sandstone and forests and incorporated them in to the design. I added gradients, shadows, and trees to give it more depth and the feeling you're looking down into a canyon. Even though this was a great leap in the right direction, he still wasn't completely satisfied and wanted more texture and color on the card. Step 3: For the final version I added more texture to the canyons and river and gradients to the grass to bring out the shadows from the cliffs. I also added a cliff at the bottom of the card. This made it look like you stumbled upon the canyon deep in the forest. He loved the business card and was excited to use them.
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