Lady Lola


June 8, 2019

About this project
Michelle from Lady Lola was looking for a sophisticated and simple brand aesthetic for her new line of New Zealand made silk dresses, as well as a Shopify website that complimented her edgy style. I conceptualised the logo from the brief that was supplied (cool, edgy, simple), ensuring that the worked well with the amazing photography and that it was easily adaptable throughout the entire brand - swingtags, thank-you cards, storefront etc. Pulling inspiration from art deco fonts, bad-ass women in fashion and Michelle herself, I was able to create a logo that nailed the brief and speaks to the dresses. Stage 2 was building a Shopify store for Michelle to launch her designs into the universe, using bold photography (by a local photographer, Aimee Kelly), simple ~ yet strong ~ fonts and sassy descriptions, Lady Lola was born - and she is fierce.

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