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Not just another bike shop in Munich. Bike & More is Munich’s newest bicycle shop, opening in August 2018. It sells, rents and repairs high-quality urban, fitness and mountain bikes as well as other sport equipment and accessories. Munich is Germany’s bike capital, so for a bike shop to stand with a unique brand identity and experience, is a particular challenge. In July, I was commissioned by the shop's owner to create a brand for the store. After extensive user profiling, market research and consultations, I chose a clean, straight-forward and modern design approach with colours that pop. The design captures the shop's essence and engages customers on a personal level, such as with the labelling and signage phrasing that engaged them in a casual tone. I also initiated further business opportunities and local collaborations. These included a bicycle rental system tailored to other businesses close by, working together with Munich’s most successful alternative blog and magazine ‘Mucbook’ as well as the start-up ‘Lastibike’ which supplies cargo bikes around the city. I delivered a vast number of products across digital and print media. I was the sole person responsible throughout the process, from choosing a typeface to overseeing the installation of signage. Judging by the feedback received from the owner, staff and customers, its was a success. So much so that the locals started to refer to the store with a nickname: der rote Radl Laden, or, The Red Bike Shop. [][1] [1]:
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