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Being NZ is a Squarespace, Web Design, UX Design project by Keely Crump

Being NZ - Keely Crump


Being is a local yoga studio in Christchurch who strives to connect personally with their clients. They reached out to me with three main goals:

-Increase engagement and traffic
-Update their look and style
-Fix problems occurring on the original website

Their social media platforms were preforming well but there was very little traffic to their website in comparison. With plans to increase the number of classes they offer and future events planned, they needed their website to be a more prominent platform. 

They had tried multiple designers previously but those designer didn’t fully understand Being’s need to connect on a personal level. They reached out to me as a local designer to meet “face-to-face” in the hopes I would understand their needs more clearly. After just one meeting I quickly realised how deeply the founder cared for the business and I wanted to build her personality into the website more vibrantly while still sticking to their roots. 

First I sat down with the client and we identified problem areas and potential solutions. I made sure to keep close contact with Being to include them in the processes as I went. With a relatively tight budget I was conscious of my time and set up a few time management softwares to keep the client in the loop. With frequent updates for them, I got concepts for the main pages done first to ensure everything was how they wanted. We went through the concepts together so I knew they understood how it would function and that they were confident with my work. 

After getting amazing feedback from the client I quickly finished the concepts and we made a plan to go through everything from start to finish as both a potential new Being client and a returning client to confirm a smooth user journey. 

Once the concepts were approved and the budget was reconfirmed I started developing them in Squarespace. I quickly got the development completed and proceeded to do post-development checks to ensure the responsive designs worked correctly on all screen sizes and everything functioned as expected.

Very quickly after the website updates went live Being got a large increase in clients. More people visited a variety of pages instead of just the booking page, there was an increase in the number of bookings each week and a prominent decrease in Being’s clients having technical problems. With new the events and workshops page there was a number of clients book in advance for these events moments after social media posts were made. 

Being have said they were more than happy with the process and loved the outcome. They have received positive comments about the website changes and mentioned passing my information onto those client as they loved working with me.

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