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Logan Rasmussen

Logan is a freelance UX/Ui designer from Wellington. Learn how he got his start in freelancing and what he enjoys working on most.

Meet the freelancer is a series of blog posts in which we introduce some of our Unicorn Factory freelancers. Today, we talk to Logan, a freelance UX/UI designer from Wellington, New Zealand.

What kind of work do your clients hire you for?

For my own clients websites, branding, online marketing with a focus on business growth & efficiency.

For larger contracts UX/UI and business analysis. Designing mobile apps, web apps, or validating an existing product and solving problems.

What kind of businesses have you worked with in the past?

Small Business clients or agencies for contracting

How did you get into freelancing? How did you get your first client?

I fell into my first contract after University - designing games for Apollo 13 mission control interactive experience. Shortly followed by a short term contract at Careers new Zealand doing UX/UI/QA then started finding my own clients and got busy over the years.

All clients so far have come from within my network built from contracts - mainly in govt departments.

What kind of projects did you enjoy working on most?

I love either jumping into startups that are about to go under & attempt to turn them around through validation & testing (BA work)

I also love solving smaller UX/UI problems, or taking on tasks that involve learning as I go. For example using software or tools new to the industry.

As for my own clients I love building google AMP websites because it's a very new platform that has several advantages over server based sites (Joomla/WordPress/Squarespace etc)

How long have you been working for yourself?

Since mid 2012 although full time from 2013 so 6 years.

Are you freelancing?

We are looking for more people to join our community of freelancers. It doesn't matter if you are full-time or just wanna make a bit of extra cash on the side.

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Logan Rasmussen

Logan is a freelance UX/UI designer and business analyst from Wellington, New Zealand.

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