February Update

Get the latest updates on Unicorn Factory and find out what I am up to this March. All in video format.

Here is the February Update for Unicorn Factory in Video format. In these updates I share what I have been working on and what is coming up in the next 30 days.

Hi Team,

Connor here from the Unicorn Factory. In the video above you will see my summary of events from Unicorn Factory this month. In this video I talk about some of the changes to the site and plans for March.


0:00 - Intro

1:04 - Visual updates of the Freelancer cards

2:05 - How clients can now post public jobs and how public job submissions work

3:20 - Why I am using different classes of freelancers (Grad, Side Gigs and Pros)

4:07 - Removing "Consultants" as a freelancer class

4:40 - New feature: Availability - Let clients now how available you are

5:20 - How to submit case studies and add new skills to your profile

6:30 - Questionnaire that will be turned into a blog post about you and your freelancing story

7:40 - You can't add skills by yourself. I will call.

8:30 - Additions to the resource section and some freelancing blogs are coming

9:00 - First Unicorn Factory Meetup in Wellington, early March.


Links to resources mentioned in the video:

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